Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tag and layouts

Day four of the school holidays. Surviving so far, lol. We had monday and tuesday at home, cooking, painting, playing. Yesterday we drove Dave to work so we could get out and about with the car. We visited friends in the morning which was lovely, for a long overdue catch up and play. Then we went to a fantastic nursery and bought some deciduous trees for our front garden. The guy there was SOOOOO helpful and knew so much. He was really wonderful. I really wanted to get the right trees cos this garden is beside our courtyard wall and gets full sun and lots of wind. And I wanted lots of autumn colour. So there were lots of things to consider. He helped me choose trees and when he delivered them that afternoon he even wandered around the garden with me giving me tips on my other plants. I was so impressed. As I've said before, service in Canberra is usually REALLY bad, so it really stands out when you get good service! Today should be beautiful, sunny, and still, so it should be perfect for planting. But right now it's a bit too cold, at zero degrees! I'll give it a few more hours to warm up! We also went to the library yesterday and stocked up on books and DVDs . I got Tassy an Aboriginal Dreamtime video. They had an indigenous person come to Preschool a few weeks ago and play on his didgeridoo and tap sticks, and tell stories etc. She loved it. So this Dreamtime video was just clips of a man telling dreamtime stories with a didgeridoo (sp?) playing in the background. A woman told a few stories too. I thought it might not keep her attention, but she watched the whole thing and really enjoyed it.

I've been tagged. Thanks Kayla! OK - 7 random things about me.... I've done this tag before but I'll choose 7 new things this time.

1. I have really fair skin, and my lips are very pale. I look sick without lippy on!
2. I was born in Sydney but grew up in the country (Grafton, northern NSW).
3. I joined Covenant Players straight out of highschool, but realised that was a HUGE mistake and left after a few days.
4. I came first in Technical Drawing and 3 Unit Art at high school.
5. I wish I had nicer handwriting, but I'm just too plain lazy to change it.
6. I like to cook desserts, cakes and biscuits, but not meals.
7. I have the same middle name as my mother and my daughter - Catherine.

Now for some KSK layouts! This first one was for the theme "creative use of text". This photo was taken in 1990 in our backyard in Grafton. My grandparents visited us from Sydney once or twice a year. They're the shorties in the middle. :) Now this one is about Tassy's imaginary friend, Carebear. Funnily enough Carebear has a physical form, but the imaginary Carebear is around a lot more. I've been wanting to do a layout about this special relationship for a looooong time. I'm so glad I finally got around to it. I've used new Love Elsie products from KI Memories. I love the ribbons - they're so cool, and I loved the fabric paper which I've used for the title and I love how it turned out. Altho it's apparently self adhesive, but I couldn't get it to adhere!
OK that's it for now. Please leave me a comment to say hi! I love to hear from you. :)


Megan said...

Yvette your layouts - superb!

And I hope it has warmed up since we spoke earlier....we nearly moved to Canberra a while back....I don't think I would have been too fond of the weather. Although we could have had lots of morning teas which would have been excellent!

Megan xx

Sarah said...

Hi Yvette,love your work,love the Carebear layout,it's too cute!!

Anonymous said...

maybe the plant guy thought you were pretty!

Jolene Pienaar said...

those are just goooooorgeous as always. You really have found your signature style, I can pick Yvette LO's miles away, how awesome is that!

paulines said...

Great Layouts again. Very talented lady.

I know what you mean about service in Canberra, glad you had some great advice.

I rang Corin Forest the other day but only got an answering machine. At work, someone said that there was no snow up there and they weren't making snow either. I will keep you up to date.

have a great weekend and keep warm.


Jenny Boyd said...

I used to live in canberra too and sometimes miss it and have thoughts that I could move back but they usually vanish around winter time! Love your LO's.

Moira said...

Roie's middle name is Catherine too!
Love the LOs, especially the K one!
And bummer about the Elsie adhesive - sounds a bit like the Heidi Swapp ...!

kayla renee macaulay said...

I loved reading your tag yvette.
your LO's rock as well, i LOVE how you used the Love Elsie products. It is super awesome.



Cass said...

Hey Yvette...this is me saying 'Hi'

Love the LO's as ussal...Fantasic matey...have to got style baby!!!

Keep smilin'

Cass xxxx