Sunday, July 08, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Firstly - I wanted to say HI to Madonna who left a comment on my previous post. Sorry I couldn't contact you cos Blogger doesn't pass on email addresses to me. Anyway, I used to work with Madonna's husband Mark and we were pregnant at the same time (I would be referring to Madonna there, not Mark!). Then they moved to Brisbane (is that right?) a few months after Katelin was born. It was great to hear from you, Madonna!
Yesterday we went to Winter Wonderland. A new school holiday activity that we had seen on the news the night before. It looked great on the news - ice rink, a toboggan ride, making snowballs... So we got there and were waiting in the line outside, then we saw my friend Tracey leaving. She laughed and told us not to get too excited. So we paid our $15 and went inside. There were a few kiddy show rides, a lot of empty space, an ice rink not open cos it still hadn't frozen solid enough... We ate some hot chips, which were undercooked and soggy. Not looking great... Then a stranger gave us two tokens for a ride. We found out you didn't need tokens for making snowballs so we lined up there. Tassy and Dave did have a lot of fun making snowballs together and throwing them thru a hole. Then we went over to the toboggan ride and Tassy used the tokens to have two rides on the toboggan. She LOVED that. I had taken my compact camera instead of my SLR (thinking that we would be ice skating and it could slip into my pocket). It's SOOOOO slow so I didn't a photo of her riding the toboggan with the most enormous grin and excited screams. Here she is at the top of the slope. We didn't let Tassy know we were disappointed and she did have a great time. But she said afterwards that it wasn't what she expected. She expected there to be snow all over the floor. Wouldn't that have been cool. :)
Tassy has been asking me for the last few days if I have put her latest layout on my blog. I did a layout about Tassy's Princess Rules a few months ago, and then Tassy wanted to do a layout on Fairy Rules. The other day she saw her best friend Bella's layout on Princess Rules, so Tassy had to do her own Princess Rules layout. Do you like the crown on baby Tasmyn? She was a little heavy handed with my bling! She used almost 20 gems! Boy I must have been feeling generous. My favourite is the red heart between the rules. So here it is! nb - I love rule number 6. :)


Anonymous said...

my hook or by crook! yay i am first to post. not surprising seen as i have been stalking your blog all week.

hi tassy! i LOVE your layout. What a cute little baby princess you were. and now youre just a cute big girl princess. i will show bella your layout tomorrow. i know she will love to see it. she's in bed at the moment. looks like you had fun at the winter wonderland too:) love lea

Megan said...

What a shame the day wasn't as exciting as you were all expecting (and I say "all" meaning the greater population of Canberra by the sounds of things lol). At least Tassy got some joy from the toboggan.

And look at her layout!! What a star she is! I think her layout is pure magic.

Megan xx

kayla renee macaulay said...

That winter wonderland place looks delightful even if it wasn't as good as you expected, the toboggan ride looks awesome

I have tagged you on my blog by the way, go check it out

scrappy hugs


paulines said...

Hi Yvette,

I heard about the 'winter wonderland', my boys are not too keen to go.

If you want to see real snow, go to Corin Forest (it's only about 40min drive for us).

The layouts are great (as usual) and Tassy is very talented.

take care


Moira said...

Fantastic LO Tassy!!!
Bummer about the 'Winter Wonderland.'! But Tassy seems to have liked it anyway, even if there was no snow!

Cass said...

Fabo effort there babe...future scrapping star on your hands!!!!

wow that snow looks like fun...if not a bit cold!!!

Take care,
cass xxxx

Manon Keir said...

Love that rule too, Yvette!! Tas did a geat job, love the LO! I was planning to go to the winterwonderland as well.. my girls would love to see some snow.. am not so sre anymore now though....

Madonna said...

Hi again Yvette!! I too have been stalking you and imagine my surprise to see my own name!!! My blog is and my email details are all there. I'd love to hear from you!

Tasmyn is a scrapping star btw!! I am only just letting Katelin into my stamps!!

Madonna said...

I've just re-read that post and it should read STALKING YOUR didn't type it so good!!