Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A busy day

Firstly I want to let you know that if you are thinking of changing ISPs, never go with TPG! They are totally pathetic. We are under contract with them for another year, but our connection has been so unstable, and their customer service has been ridiculously non-existent, so we are paying the $350 fee to break our contract and go with another provider. They're that bad. I'm not at all happy about paying the fee, but Dave is really unhappy with our connection. We tried to get them to waive the fee, but they won't do it. Anyway - I just wanted to give them some bad press, OK - so never go with TPG! Now that's out of the way....

Today we had a super busy day. I tell ya, we are packing things into the days that we have the car! Today we dropped off Dave at work then came home, got showered and ready to go out. First we went to Scrap The Lot on the other side of town to drop off a layout and collect some of my stuff from there, including a Lunchpail that they've had since last August. Yes folks, that's almost a year! I didn't mind too much, cos I knew it would be fun to look at it again after such a long time. I do love it. Then we saw a play "Adventures thru the looking glass, and what Alice found there". Oh I always get the name wrong, but it's something like that. Tassy loved it. We saw "Alice in Wonderland" last winter and she has been talking about seeing the sequel ever since. Then we went shopping and I was stoked to get a present for my very-difficult-to-buy-for-sister-Alicia. Not only do I love love love it, it was half price! Gotta love that. We had yummy rice paper rolls for lunch (that must be about the only healthy thing you can buy in a food court apart from a sandwich - I have a lot of trouble parting with money for a sandwich!). Then we were off to the National Museum, then the Mint, and we even squeezed in cake and a milkshake before collecting Dave from work. What a day. I'm pretty buggered. Just trying to get some stuff sorted out before I pack my bags and head off to Wollongong on the bus tomorrow, for my dad's retirement party on Friday night. I'm bummed tho - I was hoping to watch some new movies on the bus, but for some reason they have no sound, so I'll be watching old episodes of 21 Jump Street (lol) and Arrested Development (LOVE THAT!).

Now some layouts to share This one's for KSK. The theme was winter, and technically this photo was taken just before winter started, but just look at how Tassy's dressed! This was how we walked to Preschool before it got toooo cold, and now we drive Dave to work, so we can drive to Preschool. Sometimes she even cuddled the wheatpack in the stroller.
And something new for me - I have put together some kits for Memory Bugs. I had lots of fun choosing products to go into the kits. Each one has something I was really keen to use for the first time. In this first one it was the paisley paper, and in the second one it was the transparency flourish. There's another kit which I guess will be released in next month's newsletter.And with that, I'm off to pack for Wollongong! Have a great weekend!


kayla renee macaulay said...

wow i love your latest pages they are absolutely gorgeous.
That sucks about your ISP, I can't believe they charge that sort of fee just to discontinue the service that sucks.
Have a great weekend


Jolene Pienaar said...

oh those LO's are just divine, love that last one the most :)
Sorry to hear you have had such a horrible time with your ISP. That fee is just horrible to pay :(
Have a great weekend Yvette!

Megan said...

I have to say, you have quite the knack for putting together a gorgeous kit Yvette! These look fabulous.

Have a great time at Wollongong!

Let's have coffee when you get back :-)

Megan xx

Anonymous said...

We are with TPG and I have to say their ADSL connection is FABULOUS! We have been with them for just over a year, and not one problem, super fast connection, and always available. Sorry you had such bad service, but for us, they are TERRIFIC!
Have a great time in Wollongong :)
Rebecca :)

Felicity said...

Hello! We are with TPG and its been ok. Maybe sydney one is better! Your days sound absolutely packed!! Makes me tired reading it!! :-)
I love your kits, they look really good. You should be very proud!