Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dad's retirement

I went to Wollongong on the weekend for Dad's retirement party. His last day was actually today. Happy retirement Dad! Dad has been working for Water Resources Commission for 44½ years! Since he was 17. The department has actually had about ten name changes in that time, but WRC is the one that always comes to my mind cos that's what it was called in my teenage years. Dad supported our family of six by himself. Dad never complained about work. He was proud of his work, and he knew he was making a difference. He travelled around the state a lot, from his first year as a cadet all the way thru to just a few weeks ago! Dad was a Civil Engineer and designed and supervised the building of dams and was involved in soil and water conservation (not really sure how to describe what he did!). He helped farmers. Greenies loved him. Mum has really enjoyed his job too. She travelled around with him on a lot of trips. And Dad's job moved us from Sydney to Grafton. That was a huge deal. Mum only told me recently that they only had a few weeks notice of the move. It was a really difficult decision for her to make, leaving behind her twin sister who she was incredibly close to. But growing up in the country was such a fantastic thing for our family. Grafton was the best place to grow up, and even tho none of us live there anymore, we still hold it close to our hearts and in some ways still think of it as home.

So, on to the Retirement Party. I almost didn't go and boy was I SO happy that I was able to go. It was really, really special. There were people there who did their cadetship with Dad 44 years ago. And those families are still close family friends. People travelled all the way from Grafton for the party (about 9 hours away) - and my auntie and uncle (mum's twin and DH) invited themselves too, cos they wanted to catch up with the old gang!. There were plenty of beautiful speeches. It was sooo great and I was really proud of him. Here are a few pics...Finally, I will leave you with this layout I did for Scrap The Lot (LSS). This is my grandma Grace, Mum's mum. I love the movie star photo of Grandma on the left. Thanks for stopping by my lil ole blog! :)


Madonna said...

That LO is purdy Yvette! I should get motivated and do the 50 b&w's of my granny & family here....ah well to much to do not enough hours in the day!! Thanks for the continual inspriation!!

Megan said...

Morning Yvette :-)

The photos from your Dad's retirement party are great - look at his beaming smile!

I think your layout is so romantic and dreamy....just beautiful...as all your layouts are :-)

Megan xx

Moira said...

Congratulations Yvette's Dad! And good for you never complaining about work (wish I could say the same ...!)
Love that LO Eevee!!!

KimA said...

Love the layout Yvette. It was so good to meet you and your Mum for a coffee. I would love to catch up again - anytime that you are in the Gong let me know!

Miriam said...

Gorgeous LO Yvette :D a lovely memory of your grandma.

Happy retirement to your Dad too, sounds like he really deserves it.

Take care :D

Kim Archer said...

Hi Yvette!!
Sounds like you had a great time away!! And congrats to your dad...44 years!! wow! Your layout is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad you made it happen. Imagine if you you were not there!Lea

Mardi said...

Im so thrilled that you got to attend your Dads retirement party... I can see how proud of him you all are.

...and I adore your layout too... my Mums Mum was named Grace too...I love that name...
Mardi xx

heyhoewarren said...

It was great meeting you at Jeff's party Yvette - shame we didn't have more time for a chat - your Dad will be missed around here - he is always happy! Next time you're in Wollongong, look us up - we'll have a crop with Kim.
ps - gorgeous layout as usual.