Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My Girl...

She just amazes me. She is just so clever. She has a fantastic brain with a spectacular memory. Just one example - she loves The Dark Crystal (also a favourite of mine). So yesterday she wanted to "play" The Dark Crystal, using her toys as the characters. So we recreated the movie together. When I was a child, older than Tassy, I watched movies like this over and over again. But I never really *got* the storyline. Tassy not only recited dialogue, like "Follow the greater sun to the house of Aughra" but she understood the storyline. She has amazing comprehension. I'm totally in awe. She is one smart cookie. She has inherited from Dave the gifts of being able to understand things quickly and a photographic memory. And cos she's so beautiful too, here's a new photo. :)Speaking of Tassy, I created this layout featuring a gorgeous story that she told me. I typed it word for word as she spoke, so it's unedited. I love it that way. Just like she's speaking. You have to read it. It's great for a giggle. I think this is her favourite layout. She has asked me to read the story back to her SO many times! I used an old photo, but I thought it looked like an "author's" photo. :)I have been tagged by Raechel and Jolene. Thanks girls. Here goes!

Name three things that scare you.
The death of some one I love, confrontations, Dave driving too fast around corners in the rain (he likes to skid and it's scares the !@#$ out of me).

The daggiest thing in your music collection. Now, you're allowed to laugh, just remember that I have a lot of cool stuff too OK? 1927, Paula Abdul, Bananarama, Spice Girls, Robert Palmer, TLC

Your three favourite clothing items. Ugg boots (they never leave the house tho - oh, apart from when I went to Lea's last week), my singlets (not the old fashioned kind) and my white parka which I've been wearing everywhere. Welcome to winter in Canberra.

Your partners most annoying habit. First thing that comes to mind is... wanting to have a conversation with me while he's playing a computer game. It is THE most frustrating thing ever. So...... painfully...... slow.....

What stresses you out. Fighting with Dave, and job interviews

If I could change the world I would hmmmmm... fill it with peace (she says, with flowers in her hair)

Your favourite household chore…. I don't understand the question...

If you had fifty bucks to spend at Target which section would you head straight for…. Kids clothing. I like their kids clothes

In my next life I would like to come back as ….. a twin. How cool would that be.

Your least favourite celebrity… Paris Hilton

Now I tag Lea, Moira, and Cass.
Have a great day!


Mardi said...

That is the best story I have read in a long time!!!
Tell Tassy I love it!!
...and I hitnk that would make a great blog title...Astronauts and
Mardi x

Lis said...

What a gorgeous layout and the story is just so cute!!
You might just have a budding author on your hands :)

Jolene Pienaar said...

Lol at Tassies story! Love the LO too!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Nothing uncool about 1927 ...

Ally Lewis (again!)

Charlotte said...

Oh that is a fantastic story!! So funny. It's nice to see that Aliens also love to curl up on their couch with a babycino. So they're not that different to us after all :P Good work Tassy!! Good work Mummy for capturing that fantastic story!