Sunday, June 10, 2007

Layouts to share

Now that Kim Archer's website is well and truly open I will share my sample layout for the free class. We used canvas sheets in this class. I've never used them before but I'm keen to use them again! I love this photo of Tassy (thanks Expressions Photography). My poor girl was home all last week. Actually we haven't been out since last Tuesday. She had a fever and some symptoms of a cold but she's not too bad. It was just so miserable outside and since she had pneumonia last year we want her to stay nice and warm when she has a cold. So the poor thing was pretty stir crazy. She SOOOO wants a playmate. So anyway, I bought this mini canvas a few weeks ago and I set her to work on it one morning. I wanted her to paint a flower in nice bright colours. Before I even got to tell her what I wanted, she told me what SHE wanted to do. She knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted to use my Heidi Swapp flower mask that she has used before, and chose her own colours (pink, yellow and silver). And here is the final result. Not bad for a five year old. :)
And since we had the mask out I decided to use it on a layout for the first time ever! I've had it for about a year! So Tassy and I did this layout together. I did the painting (although it DOES look like it was done by a five year old!). Tassy told me what title she wanted, and she applied the rub-ons while I held them in place, and she told me exactly what journalling to write. The photo is of Tassy and her BFF Bella (lol - first time I've used that acronym and I feel like I should be 13). It was a fun layout to do together. :)My sister Alicia and her husband David were here briefly this weekend. They were in Canberra for a 30th birthday party last night and stayed the night with us. It was lovely to spend yesterday afternoon with Alicia. They left after a late breakfast this morning. It's so nice to have family stay even for short periods. Helps me to feel like I'm not so far away from them. Do'h - didn't even get any photos! Some scrapbooker I am! Hope you're all having a great long weekend. I'm just stoked that the winds have finally left us and we had a beautiful sunny STILL day today!


Ally Lewis said...

LOL - you needed to say they were like "Total BFF's" - then you would have REALLY sounded like a 13 year old :)

Ally Lewis (hello!)

Mardi said...

Woe Yvette.... I love the look of the canvas.... Tassy has done an amazing job... and the layout is gorgeous too...such a col title..
Mardi x