Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Just scrappin

Dave is now back at work and I'm in control of my own day again. Love to be the one in control :)

Yesterday we visited my friend Tracey and went to Scrap Junkie on the other side of town. Ainslee who runs it was really chatty and lovely and the shop was gorgeous. It's in her home and I hadn't been before cos I felt a bit weird about going to her home, but Tracey had been several times so I felt more comfortable (I'm silly I know). I was good and didn't buy much tho. I really don't need anything cos I have SO much stuff! Tassy and Ainslee's daughter played outside. Tassy is just like me - a klutz, always hurting herself. She's always covered in bruises. Well I'm not sure exactly what she was doing, but she fell and grazed her back on something and she has the worse bruise with a graze on top. About 15x20cm! Took her ages to calm down. It really looked like it hurt. I cringed when I saw it. Ainslee brought out a lollipop which worked like a charm. Then we went back to Tracey's for a yummy lunch and chocolate brownies. Thanks for a lovely morning Tracey!

So today was my first day where I've been able to scrap for ages. I did two layouts. I'll share one now and another one next time. I'm proud of myself for using up some old letters here. I painted them with black nailpolish. Love to do that :) And I enjoyed using red. I almost never use red. These are pretty much the only red things in my stash!
One more thing... you used to be able to click on my photos and layouts to be able to see the larger version. For some reason that's stopped happening all by itself. Not sure what's going on there. Sorry!


Jolene Pienaar said...

gorgeous LO Yvette! Hope little Tassy is okay ... ouch :(

Beth said...

Sweet layout Yvette! And I cringed just reading about Tassie's ouchie!

Megan said...

Yvette your layout is stunning!

Megan xx