Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa photo

YAY I did manage to get a Santa photo with my sisters! We told mum and dad we had to go to the shops for a last minute Christmas present. I thought mum had figured out what we were up to, but when we gave them the photo she was totally surprised! The santa was a bit of a grumpy one, but I think we cheered him up a little. And he only had one more customer then that was it for the day.Our weekend with my family was great. But it went so fast. Well I guess we were only there for 24 hours. We had the party on Saturday night. Tassy was in a funny mood - she had been SO excited on Friday night about seeing everybody at the party, but then AT the party she was a mess. She had fun - but she also cried at the drop of a hat. Probably a combination of being sick, overwhelmed and maybe a bit tired. That was a bit disappointing tho. Here's one of Tassy and her second cousins.

The party was great but went too fast too. I felt like I didn't get to talk to Kirrilly much at all. Sunday morning was "Christmas morning" and we had lots of presents to open, then we drove home.

This is my second layout for Karen's Scrappin Kupboard, using the gorgeous muted Crate Paper Holly range. I just LOVE these Making Memories painted metal pieces. So far KSK has been lots of fun. I'm getting into the forums and am loving the products I'm using. This will be a great thing :)


Felicity said...

It's so funny that you can hardly see Santa!! Tassy was funny at the party... I'm guessing overwhelmed, seeing there were alot of little ones running around and squealing with excitement. Your LO is beautiful! I love the muted colours. You are SO talented my sister!! :-)

Kim Archer said...

Oh look at you Yvette and your gorgeous sisters! What a beautiful photo!!!
Glad to hear you are enjoying KSK and a merry christmas to you and your family:)

Julie said...

Love the pics Yvette. Thae page looks great too.

Mardi said...

Yvette....I adore your family christmas photo ...I bet your Mum and Dad were thrilled.

.....and Im so happy for you....KSK sounds wonderful and Im glad it has worked out so perfectly for you...those papers are beautiful and so is your layout....I wish you a very Merry Christmas ... Mwah Mardi xx

Moira said...

Oh I love the Santa photo! And your yummy layout. I'll have to get into KSK as well. Great to chat to you yesterday. Sorry not to make the pictures - I didn't think I would, but I was still disappointed. Didn't get much done at all today! Talk again soon. xxx