Friday, December 15, 2006


Tassy finished Playschool yesterday. She has been going for 18 months, since she turned three. Next year she's off to Preschool. Yes I'm sentimental, but I managed to not shed a single tear yesterday! They had a mini concert at the end and sang a few songs. Tassy sings at the top of her voice, with absolutely no tune. Always makes me smile. I love that she is so confident :) So unlike me as a child. Here she is with her gorgeous teacher Rebecca. They had a special relationship. We were so lucky to have Rebecca, who only started teaching there last year and finished this year so the timing was perfect. I hope her Preschool teacher is as lovely!
Here's my little wind-up doll ready to perform. I had so much trouble choosing pp and cardstock for this photo (not used to RED!) . My first choice was shocking! We're off to Wollongong tomorrow for a Christmas party with my family. As well as my sisters and parents, my cousins will be there too. I love when we all get together. Both families (my family and my cousins) have 4 kids around the same age and the mums are identical twins. We've spent a lot of time together growing up, even tho we lived 9 hours away from each other. Tassy doesn't have any cousins, but she does have second cousins (my cousins' kids) and they're all around the same age. She's SO excited about tomorrow! And I get to see my cousin Kirrilly who I am close to but don't see often. So I'm excited about that! I'm hoping that SOMEHOW my sisters and I can fit in a Santa photo. We haven't had one taken together in about 20 years! And we don't often get the opportunity. But we want to be sneaky and surprise our parents with it. Hope we get to do it!


Moira said...

Hope the day went well! Did you get your photo?! x

Anonymous said...

Hi Yvette,

Hope the Santa photo works out well. We wanted a Santa photo this year as a family. DH and I was keen but the two boys were not (14 yrs and 10 yrs) so maybe DH and I will get the photo.

Hope you and your family have a great Christmas and next year is full with love, happiness and many many friends.

love Pauline

(ps I will be putting up my LOs very soon, I promise, just waiting for hubby to fix my computer, he is just works with computers everyday).