Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A new drawing

I just HAD to show you this drawing Tassy did. She's never drawn a dolphin before. I just love the rabbit going for a ride holding on to the dolphin's fin! And that's a ladybird flying in the sky. There's this show on ABC2 called Louie and he teaches you how to draw something each episode. I think he taught Tassy how to draw the dolphin, then she drew Louie holding on to the dolphin and Louie's friend the ladybug.This is me with my blow up doll (no jokes please! LOL). I was such a fat baby and toddler. I created this layout for an Under $5 challenge. I love these BG Lollipop papers. I think they're not made anymore tho - I haven't been able to find them again!
An update on Tassy - our doctor said she has the symptoms of asthma (cough, wheezing etc) but since this is her first time with it it's possible that it could be a one-off and not be asthma. Asthma is basically what she has now, except that it's recurring. So time will tell. He has given her another puffer to use (she was using a reliever, now she has a preventer as well) and she seems to be improving already, even tho he said it would probably take 5 days. So maybe it's just a coincidence that she seems better.

I took Tassy to her ballet class yesterday, not realising that it was a 2 hour class cos we didn't go last week. It's less than 2 weeks until the concert. This sunday is the studio photo shoot and their costumes have been delayed and are due to arrive that morning! They will look so cute. They are dolls in a toyshop, wearing red tutus and striped leggings, with hair in wired plaits (like an old photo of me in the upcoming Memory Bugs newsletter!). When I first saw them do this routine at the beginning of the year I loved it so much and was hoping that it would be the concert routine. Can't wait for the concert! Tassy was awesome last year.


Mardi said...

Yvette....thanks for sharing Tassy's drawings...I love them and I think she has a bit of talent there. You were a real cutie Yvette...and thats a mighty fine blow up doll too..... I love the way you scrap all your childhood photos ...I wish I had a few to scrap....but alas parents were in the slide era!
Mardi x

Jolene Pienaar said...

Ah what an adorable drawings! She is very creative with what she puts on the paper. Love it!

Love your LO too ... has Yvette style written all over it!

Moira said...

Awww, so CUTE with your doll! Those papers are great, huh. I think I still have a couple if you ever need ... x

Moira said...

BTW - love Tassy's pics!