Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm back! .....sort of

We are SO not impressed with TPG. Looks like it will be about 2 weeks before we get ADSL up again. We just couldn't last that long without internet! So after 5 days we got dial-up. It's so slow and I have a LOT of trouble logging on to Hotmail, but it's better than nothing.

I actually didn't get an awful lot done while we were without the internet. I only did two layouts which I will try to share here, let's see if I can...
This first one I did for my friend Cathy's boyfriend, to be framed and given to his mum. Really simple. I thought I'd better blur the faces cos they might not like being on the net!

This is my mum below. Isn't this a dreamy, romantic photo? Dad took it when they were dating. The original slide wasn't in good condition and it scanned badly. I fiddled with it in Photoshop and even tho it's blurry I still think it's a gorgeous photo. You should be able to click on it to read the journalling. I just realised these two layouts look really bland here. They DO look better in real life!
We had a pretty quiet week last week - we didn't go to our normal activities. Tassy has had a cough and seems to have breathing difficulties sometimes. It's about a month since she had pneumonia but she's had the cough ever since then. She's been using a puffer to see if she has asthma. I'm taking her back to the doctor this afternoon. Our doctor has been overseas so she saw another doctor when she had pneumonia and then afterwards too. It will be good to get a second opinion.

We went to Questacon on Saturday. We had never been before. I think we were turned off by the price ($40 for us 3) but Tassy has been sick and we thought we'd have a nice family day together. Well Questacon was fantastic! There's so much to do there, so it's worth the money. We saw all four performances and Tassy enjoyed them all, even the ones aimed at kids over 8. They were her favourites actually. We were there for 5-6 hours all up.

And yesterday Cathy. We have really missed her since she's been seeing Sean! He is a fireman and sometimes works weekends, so yesterday she was single and free to spend the whole day with us. It was really lovely.

I've missed blogging and receiving your comments! Hopefully things will be pretty much back to normal now! Just slower at my end for a while :)


Jolene Pienaar said...

wow yvette! Those are two stunner LO's. Love that piccie of your mummy, just gorgeous!

Glad you are back on ... even if you are a bit slow hehe

Mardi said...

Yay ..your back...Ive missed you!

Your layouts are gorgeous..and I love how you have all these older photos to are so lucky.

We visited Questacon years ago...and it was kids still talk about it from 10 years ago.

Mardi x

Anonymous said...

WooHOO! You are back... You have been missed!

I just love the design you did of your mom... gorgeous.. breath taking!

Beth said...

Great layouts Yvette! Glad you are back!

Charlotte said...

Helloooo! They are not bland layouts at all! They are classic. Would you call Audrey Hepburn bland? (she was the first classic woman I could think of!) i love the layouts and their colours! So pretty :)

Fiona Carter said...

These two layouts are gorgeous, Yvette. Sounds like you had a great day at Questacon.

Julie said...

Love the pages Yvette. Looking great.

Moira said...

Gorgeous as always but I especially love that one of your Mum - what a stunning LO!!! x