Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We're back

We got back from our little holiday yesterday. I am so buggered. Well we all are actually. It was a long way to go for just a few days, and on top of that we're not getting enough sleep cos Tassy wakes up with the sun at 5:15! We're beginning to recover a bit now.

We drove to Sydney the first night and stayed with my sister Felicity and her DH Mattie. Tassy had been at Playschool that morning and we drove to Sydney straight after. After a few hours in the car she lost control and had a huge tantrum. Dave lost it too. We ended up pulling the car over (that's a first). She eventually calmed down (Dave too!) then about 10 seconds after we started driving again she went to sleep. Phew. I think the tantrum really took it out of her! Then we drove to Port Macquarie the next morning. I hadn't been there in almost 15 years and I didn't remember much about it. I fluked our accommodation. I booked it on the net and had no idea where it was in relation to the main street, river, beach etc. It was right next to all three! But it was such a quick trip we didn't even make it to the beach. A bit sad really. On our last morning Mum and Dad took Tassy down to the beach so we could have a sleep in after the wedding, so I was really happy that SHE at least got to play in the sand. I'll have to get them to send me some photos. We walked along the breakwall, had coffee beside the river, had a swim in the pool (everyone but me - it wasn't warm enough for me!), went out to dinner and that's about all! I was hoping we'd all get to go to the beach together, have a camel ride, have a look inside the Tall Ship and visit the scrapbooking shop. But we just didn't have time. Here are Dave and Tassy at the jetty near the Tall Ship.Here's the only photo of me from the entire trip! Tassy took it at the wedding. I borrowed my entire outfit from my friend Cathy, including pashmina, handbag and jewellery. I like this top - makes me look like I have boobs! Maybe I'll forget to give the top back to her :)The wedding was lovely. It was at a winery out of town and they'd chartered a bus for the guests, which was excellent. We only found out about it on the day and it just happened to pick up near our apartment so we were lucky there! The ceremony was in a lovely sheltered garden (altho the wind made it's way in eventually). The bride Belinda was so funny - she just couldn't stop giggling, and it wasn't a quiet giggle! The reception was at the winery too. My parents drove out at 8pm to pick up Tassy so we had a few hours to ourselves.

We were lucky to see both my Mum and Felicity on their birthdays over the weekend. We all went out for dinner in Sydney on our way home. Dave wasn't well tho, so wasn't in the best mood and I was tired. It was a shame... Oh I nearly forgot. My sister Alicia organised Felicity's birthday present. We all chipped in $ to give her guest room a makeover. Mattie took Fliss out for the day and Alicia, her DH, my sister Charlotte and a friend did the makeover while they were out. They actually swapped over two guestrooms so had to move furniture and everything. Fliss got a new doona cover, cushions, towels, curtains and nic nacs and I had painted some canvases to match the cushions. She loved it and was so surprised. Do'h I don't have a photo of the room! Altho I do have one of my canvases. I'll get Alicia to send me a photo of the room. It looks gorgeous. Here are my canvases.
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Mardi said...

Welcome home Yvette ...so glad you had a lovely time away..even though it went so quickly. You look gorgeous all dressed up at the wedding.....and Tassy took a great photo!
Mardi x

Felcity said...

I loved you coming to stay. I was such a great weekend and i love my birthday present!!

Moira said...

Gorgeous photos. Loved seeing them. And I didn't notice that you didn't have boobs, so they can't be that non-existent! (If that makes sense). Glad you had a good time. What a great idea re the room makeover!