Thursday, October 05, 2006

New (old) bed

Tassy has finally moved from her little converted cot into a single bed. She has my old iron bed which I just love. I got it powdercoated a few years ago. She's on my old mattress so we'll have to replace that sometime soon. I actually saw a single bed in a furniture catalogue last week and it looked EXACTLY the same as my old bed! A total rip-off of it. Here are some before and after shots of her room. I should have taken a few steps back for the newer photo so they were comparable.

We went to the park today with my friends Lea and Kerryn, and their children. We were there for two hours and it BLEW A GALE the whole time. My hair was a mass of knots when I got home. I don't think the kids noticed the wind. They had an absolute ball. Tassy, Bella and Jesse have known each other since they were babies, when we all met at a New Parent Group then formed our own Playgroup. They had a great morning.


Felicity said...

I love that old bed of yours. It looks really good with all the bright pink. Tassy is such a big girl now!!!

Jolene Pienaar said...

Yes that is a gorgeous bed!
Love all the pink in her room too ... which is one of the reasons I want to have my own home, so I can paint the walls lol

Mardi said...

I love Tassy's bed...Briony sleeps in an old iron bed as well....they are so girly and beautiful.
Mardi x

Moira said...

Great bed!!!

Donna Wilson said...

We bought a brand new bed for Emma last year, (her first big girl bed) and it's EXACTLY the same as yours. Gorgeous, and yep, very girly. Love the pinks too. xx