Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh dear...

Tassy had a temperature on Wednesday night and Thursday night. She was awake a lot Thursday night, complaining of a sore tummy as well. So I took her to the doctor yesterday and she has Pneumonia! I couldn't believe it. The doctor said "she is quite sick". I feel like a bad mother - apart from the temperature she doesn't really seem sick. But we got some antibiotics and pain killers and after one dose of antibiotics her temp has improved a lot. The biggest bummer for Tassy is that she was going to go to Jake's 4th birthday party today. It's a dinosaur party and we made her a great dinosaur tail and bought Jake a dinosaur book and Tassy made a dinosaur card. So it's pretty disappointing that we can't go! We were also going to have dinner at a friend's place tonight, which we had to cancel. We almost NEVER go out for dinner so I was bummed about that! Gee that all sounds selfish doesn't it. Maybe we'd feel different if she actually SEEMED sick! She's a tough little cookie.

Here's my first layout in about 1½ weeks, of Tassy about to have her first swim of the season. Looking back I'm sure that wasn't good for her Pneumonia! I used more old supplies. I really should go shopping!


Mardi said...

Oohh Yvette...thats terrible..poor Tassy.
I hope she gets better quickly....its awful when you are looking forward to things and they have to be cancelled...thats normal..thats not a sign of a bad mother!
I loved your layout on Bugs of your Mum and Dad and their first was fantastic.
and so is this one of Tassy's first swim.
Have a great Sunday
Mardi x

*Jeanne* said...

Yvette, I sure hope Tassy gets better soon. Poor thing.

This scrapbook design is just precious. I love the colors. The photos are just priceless.

I haven't stopped by in a while, I miss coming over here.. I will be back more often. Do you mind me putting you on my blog links? I just love your designs?

Sending you well wishes across the pond.

Jolene Pienaar said...

O boy! Parenting is tough, I keep on thinking when Katie cries, 'is something wrong?' too tough!
Hope Tassy gets well real quick!
Love this LO! totally gorgeous!