Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tagged by Mardi

I've been tagged by weird ole Mardi :). I have to list five weird things about myself so here goes!

1. I turn my electric blanket on to High at least an hour before I go to bed. I like it to be so piping hot that it almost burns my skin when I slide into bed
2. If a chocolate bar I like is on special, I have to buy it. Regardless of how many other chocolate bars I may have at home. And I won't necessarily eat it that day.
3. I always have a song going around in my head. So much so that I have trouble concentrating on anything cos a song always butts in.
4. I can't stand the thought of going to bed without brushing my teeth
5. My superpower is being able to guess someone's middle name if I have their middle initial. As you can imagine this is a very useful superpower. Mwa ha ha. C'mon - hit me with your middle initial!

Now I'm passing on the tag to Jolene and Alanna. I'm looking forward to reading about your weirdiness!


Mardi said...

ROFLMAO....You crack me up girl!!

Now who's weird hey!! Super power ..Mmmmm.....what would you say if I told you I was Mardi J ?

Im going to be giggling about you all day now...he he

Mardi x

Philippa said...

Still a couple of places left Yvette. Sorry to post here, am in a mad rush, lol, and can't find your email address.

Moira said...

I TOTALLY always do the electric blanket thing too!!! LOL
And - my middle initial is F. But I think I told you my middle name today anyway! LOL

Charlotte said...

Talking about having a song going around in your head- I always do too! Did you know that in German the phrase for having a song stuck in your head literally translates to "I have an ear worm!" cool hey!