Wednesday, September 06, 2006

All My Memories layout

Here's my layout from the latest issue of Scrapbooking Memories. It's in the All My Memories product gallery. It looks really washed out in the mag (again!). I liked these products. The letter stickers were really nice, but you only get one of each! What's with that?
This is my cousin Kirrilly and I. She is like another sister to me. We have always been close, even tho we have never lived near each other. She lives in Sydney. We get to see each other about twice a year. She and her family stayed with us in June which was fantastic. They hadn't been here since the day we came home from hospital with Tassy four years ago. Tassy and her girls played so well together. It was a freezing cold day so we spent most of our time inside. Our house sure was noisy! Not that it's ever quiet cos Tassy is so noisy herself!

Brrrr it's like winter again today. Wasn't I just saying our Winter was like Spring this year? Well now it's decided to be Winter. It was freezing this morning. 6 degrees at 9.30 when we went out. And it only got to a top of 10. It's raining now so that's good. I love the rain.

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Mardi said...

Great AMM layout....I love your style...always fresh and 'Yvette'..its cold here again oo at the moment....whats with that....I was just starting to love the warm weather.

Did I tag you with the weirdo tag?...cant rememeber...I hope I did...I dont want to be the only weirdo...LOL

Mardi x