Monday, September 11, 2006

Day of Scrappin

I really wanted to post on my blog yesterday but I was just so buggered! On Saturday night Tassy got a fever, was awake most of the night and was hallucinating. So we took her to the doctors on Sunday morning. It was just a virus and apparently hallucinations often come with a fever, especially in children. Well we didn't know that! She had some interesting ones too, these were mostly when she was up in the middle of the night "Daddy but why did the turtle say it was HIS bed?". "The cat is jumping all over my room." And then when I asked her why she was taking off all her clothes, she said to me as if I was an idiot "Because I can't go in the pool with my clothes on!" She was pretty upset about it too! No we don't have a pool.

Anyway, after the doctor, Dave said he could take care of Tassy himself so off I went to my scrapbooking day. I had been looking forward to it for weeks and was so happy I got to go, I was worried I'd miss out altogether! I was only 1½ hours late. I felt so bad cos my friend Kerryn was there and she's never been scrapbooking before. I was supposed to help her! And my friend Lea was supposed to pick me up and I was the navigator to get there. But she found her way there by herself. When I got there I finally met Moira (hi Moi!). She's just loverlee :) We will catch up again. Boy I was so frazzled that day, it's a bit of a blur. I didn't get a lot of time to chat, didn't even finish a SINGLE layout!!! But I did get to do Philippa Barr's mystery class and we made this cool little handbag thingy with lots of pockets inside made from envelopes. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but isn't it cute! I love these papers, I think they're BG. I've now finished the layout I started yesterday and here it is. This is Tassy and her best friend Bella. I altered this photo in Photoshop and I'm so happy with the final result. I cropped it, converted to black and white and removed everything from the background using the burn tool, which is my new discovery! Oh I also got rid of Tassy's red-eye, but I think her new eyes look a little freaky! I probably didn't need to do that since I ended up converting to black and white! Oh well... I've used my new Stampin Up! alphabet stamps on the tag too. I totally love the font. It's so cool! I also caught up with Nicole Wright and she invited me to another Stampin Up! party. And today another friend invited me to yet another one! That will be five Stampin Up! parties in just a few months! I think I'll skip the last one tho. Plus a another friend has just become a demonstrator and asked me if I'd like to host a party. Mmmm I think I might be Stampin Up! overdosed! And I'm not even a stamper! LOL Nic mentioned they have new scrapbooking papers so I'd like to check them out at Nic's party. Nic and a few other ladies donated their time to teach mystery classes yesterday. I was really hoping to do Nic's! But I was still happy to get into Philippa's. I think Philippa's and Nic's would have been the best. :) It was lovely to see you again Nic!

Another friend of mine, Tracey, was going to go yesterday and had to cancel cos her hubby made other plans, so she was on parental duty. But it turned out that he was sick so had to stay home anyway. Tracey called in right at the end to catch up and buy a few goodies from the stalls there. Hi again Tracey! We've actually only met twice but have been corresponding for over a year.

Anyway it was a big day, a frantic day, not a terribly productive day, a blur, a lovely social day with friends :) Thanks girls for the fun day!


Moira said...

I hope Tassy is back to her usual healthy self by now! Thanks sooo much for coming - it was really good of you to come all that way and I was so pleased to meet you IRL! Catch you again soon!!! x

Sharryn T said...

Sorry to hear Tassy hasn't been very well..especially with fevers which are the pits.
I love the little's so cute. I have a pattern here somewhere to make some similar but haven't got around to them yet. I was going to make one for Michaels mother and sister last Xmas..might be an idea for this year.
Sharryn :)

Mardi said...

Hope Tassy is feeling better....its horrible when they are hallucinating...Brent used to do that with a temp....freaky.
How lovely of you to catch up with Moira...I hope I get a chance one day....I adore the little bag you made...very cute.

Tracey said...

You know you are right we have been emailing for a year now! I hadn't even realised...and we have only met twice very funny... arhh! the foibles of cyber life. Here's to another year of friendship, maybe more encounters :)
Love that bag thingy you made & don't worry I won't ask you to another Stampin-up gathering, I think you have been to enough already... TB