Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Russell's wedding

My powers are fading... I got Sharryn's middle name wrong. It's actually Joy. It's so obvious! How did I miss that. Maybe there was some Kryptonite between us :)

Well Russell and Farhana's wedding was lovely. The ceremony was actually four months ago. In Bengalese culture they have lots of receptions after the wedding, and this was the final one. So there was an entree then some speeches, a main meal and some more speeches, then dessert and speeches. I know it sounds like a lot of speeches but they went pretty quickly. Some were informative, some were funny. Russell's was lovely. There were also two dance performances. The Bengalese women were all wearing beautiful colourful and ornate saris. Here is Russell in his initial outfit. I've never seen him in a turban before - doesn't he look cute :)
Here we are...
And here is the happy couple...


Mardi said...

LOL....Not the fading powers...No! No!
The wedding couple look just beautiful ...I can imagine it would have been very special to be a part of.
Mardi x

Jahnava said...


Wow they look lovely the man looks so different with out his turban! or with it?