Sunday, September 17, 2006

Middle Names and Placebo

LOL I got Mardi's middle name right! And I got Moira's right, but I already knew what it was. I Moira last Sunday and can you believe I learned her middle name in our first meeting. And I wasn't even trying! :)

Now Sharryn's middle name starts with a J too, and let see.... I think it's Jeanette.

Dave and I went to see Placebo last night. They were fantastic. Sounded brilliant. I have a thing for Brian Molko, the lead singer. He's pretty sexy, and has very pretty makeup :) I think Dave has a better chance with him tho LOL :)

We're off to our friend Russell's wedding at midday. His family is from Bangladesh. We've never been to a Muslim wedding before so I'm looking forward to a new experience! My sister Alicia has been to one and she told us to be prepared for very long day. And told us to take snacks and things to keep Tassy amused. Which reminds me, I'd better go get on to that now!
I'll report back on the wedding later. Ciao!


Mardi said...

LOL Yvette...I wonder if Sharryn is a Jeanette?
LOL at Dave having a chance with Brian Molko...I bet that would make Dave shudder....hehe
Mardi x

Moira said...

Hope the wedding went well! Placebo are cool. I only heard about the concert a couple of days ago though!

Sharryn T said...

LOL...Jeanette? My middle name is Joy as in 'to the world' ROFL
When I was working in the Commonwealth bank back in 'the day' I would answer the phone with Good Morning Commonwealth Bank Cabramatta Sharryn Joy to the World speaking. LOL What a dag!!
Actually...I have 2 middle names. Are you sitting down>
My full name is Sharryn Joy Marlene!!
OMFG!! Who calls their kid that??
Sharryn :)