Thursday, September 21, 2006

Layouts to share

This is my layout from the latest Creating Keepsakes, Aussie Reader Gallery. I love this photo of my family. I originally did this layout without the journalling and submitted it to the CK Aussie Gallery. After a few weeks I got an email from Krys Yealland saying the US editors asked if I would add journalling to it. So I did, and got an instant response that it was accepted. Anyway... I thought that was interesting. No? It wasn't? Oh... well here it is anyway.
Tassy's Playschool class went to the buswash today. Some parents went too, including me. Dave was hoping to go as well but couldn't get the morning off. The bus picked us up from Playschool, took us to the Depot and we went thru the automatic bus wash. It was a fun little experience. The bus driver went around and around the roundabouts. We waved to all the other buses. Drove thru the Interchange and waved to all the people waiting. Most people waved back :)
Can you believe I did this layout the same day the photos were taken!?! That's definitely a first for me! Doubles aren't my strength but I like how this turned out. Even if I DID use really old paper and letter stickers. I'm so happy to be rid of that whole sheet of cutesy pink floral!
Tassy has been so temperamental lately. She's throwing tantrums and backchatting all the time. If she throws a tantrum she goes to her room. If she does other naughty things (the opposite of what we tell her, blowing raspberries, hands on hips with attitude, backchatting etc) she gets a toy taken away. This is a new strategy. I swear we have taken away about 50 toys in the last few days. Does she care? No! She even helps me to confiscate the toys! I took her dinosaur tonight and she said "you'd better take the dinosaur's baby too." Grrrr... I don't think this is working. But I guess pretty soon she will have NO toys left. Maybe then the penny will drop and she'll change her behaviour. Here's hoping. I just want my sweet little girl back!


Jolene Pienaar said...

O I guess they all grow up and go through stages Yvette. My little girl is miserable, but she got her immunisations two days ago, so I am blaming that.

I thought it was interesting how they asked for journalling ...

Love your double too, doubles are tricky aren't they and I never find any sketches to use that I like. But I do love how you used so many photos too.

Katie Toland said...

Your layouts are beautiful Yvette. I'll have to pop back again more often :)

Donna Wilson said...

Gorgeous lo Yvette. I saw this one in CK. My little 3yo is going through the same stages. We WERE taking toys away, but she got to the stage where she'd do something, then turn around & say "you have to throw this toy in the bin now Mummy" We have 2 bags of toys in our wardrobe, that she hasn't missed a bit !!! ROFL. What to do.....If you work it out, please let me know. xx

Moira said...

Eeek - the tantrum phase. I don't envy you.
You do gorgeous work even with old paper and letter stickers!!!

Mardi said...

Just beautiful Yvette ...and I was intersted in your CK story...quite
Love the bus wash layout too....and getting it scrapped so quickly...Wow!
LOL funny...sorry advice here either...Im still confiscating things and he's 17.5....hopefully he'll grow out of it soon. I still can remember us arguing and him unplugging his PS2 and throwing it in my walk in robe...when questioned he'd say "your only going to take it away anyway"
Kids eh!...what woulf we do with out them...
Mardi x