Monday, September 25, 2006

Do I have a problem?

My friend Cathy and I were talking about chocolate the other night. I went to the pantry to show her my stash. I didn't realise how much I had in my stash!
2x mars
2x cherry ripes
1x violet crumble
6x freddo frogs
1x summer roll
1 packet funsize choc bars
1 packet choc covered saltanas
3 packets cream filled easter eggs
500g m&ms
not to mention chocolate biscuits...

hmmmm... I've got chocolate covered if we're ever snowed in! Big surprise that there are no snickers there - my favourite!
I feel comforted just to know the chocolate is there :) I'm very controlled when it comes to eating it. Well... I have a little bit every day... ½ a cherry ripe one night, an easter egg the next. But I never gorge. I'm a choco-grazer. I just invented that term!

Oh Tassy got her first beesting yesterday! Indoors would you believe! It must have flown in on one of the brief occasions the door was open a few hours earlier, and she trod on it. It didn't even buzz at all so we had no idea it was there until Tassy started screaming. I comforted her while Dave raced off to get something to remove the sting, and some frozen peas. I'm glad he was on to it, cos I my brain was blank! He's always been nervous about her being allergic to beestings, cos he is ( he hasn't been stung since he was a child and doesnt actually know what happened). But she had no reaction. No swelling or anything. She rated the pain as medium (I thought it was so funny that she rated the pain!). It's kinda funny... She got stung as I was repeatedly telling her to put her slippers on. Afterwards I said "well if you had put on your slippers like I told you, you wouldn't have been stung." And all day today she has worn her slippers. If one slips off she hops until she gets it on again. We have to smile.

Dave's parents were here on the weekend to build the sleeper retaining wall in our backyard. Dave and his Dad got heaps done on Saturday. Then Sunday was a bit of a right-off. Such a miserable wet and wildly windy day. They only got a bit done. His Dad is coming back tomorrow to finish it off. When the retaining wall is done we are.... wait for it... getting grass!!!! After over 2 years in this house it will be nice to finally have some grass! And we can get some swings and a slippery dip. Then I just have to plant the retaining wall garden and our landscaping is finished! Woohoo!


Sharryn T said...

Wow Yvette...that is some serious chocolate stash you have there girl!! Don't think I've ever seen that much choc in one place let alone had it in my house all at once!! ROFL Just kidding..I actually worked in a chocolate factory many years ago. Was say the least!!
Poor Tassy! And rating the pain as well..LOL
Too cute.
Sharryn :)

Moira said...

YAY with the landscaping!
I can't believe how much choc you have!!! It wouldn't last in our house. I do like chocky but I have to be in the mood for it. x