Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Now THIS layout I started about three months ago! Normally I totally finish one layout before moving on to the next. But I started this one when my sister Charlotte was staying with me. I really wanted to use her MM foam stamps. I didn't have a photo in mind, I just did the background and the title. It's been bugging me having it sit there oh so patiently waiting to be completed! Today I found the perfect photo. I love this one of Tassy. She really DOES look just the same asleep at 4 years old as she does in this photo at 10 weeks old :)


Mardi said...

What a gorgeous layout..I adore those foam stamps...I borrowed some from a friend once..and loved them.
Dont you always adore those peaceful photos of your children sleeping...makes you love them so much.
Mardi x

Jolene Pienaar said...

I'm loving what you are doing with the brushes on the photos!!! Gorgeous LO as always Yvette

Alanna said...

Beautiful LO...Love your blog!!

Alanna :)

Moira said...

This looks fab! Your stamping is perfect!!! I have a couple of MM foam stamp sets, Gabby and I'm not sure of the name of the other one. It is a stunning photo and it suits your pre-made background beautifully!!! x

Felicity said...

What a beautiful layout! So simple so sweet!
Cant wait to come down... :-)
Fliss xo