Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Girls night out

Ahhhhh I just got home from dinner out with my friends Lea and Kerryn. Do'h I took my camera but didn't get to take a photo of the three of us! We met at a New Parent Group when our babies (now 4) were only a few weeks old. Six of us formed our own Playgroup, which evolved and grew and some of us became really special friends. Fee Jardine was with us in the beginning too - but she has now moved to Brisbane :( Our Playgroup ended last term. I had been convening it for two years. It was more than time for me to step down, no one wanted to take over the role and attendance had really dropped off. So I decided to end Playgroup and BOY did that feel good! It wasn't like it used to be in the beginning and had just become a chore. Anyway, Lea and I catch up a lot but Kerryn doesn't live so close so we don't see her that often. So now we've decided to have dinner out once a month. We had a great night tonight. Altho next time I'll have to plan ahead and fast all day. I ate way too much today! We plan to test a lot of restaurants, and of course the dessert menu is very important...


Sharryn T said...

Lucky you going out for lunch and dinner the other night also? :)
The LO looks awesome and I LOVE what you've done with that photo. I so can't wait until this fete is over to play around with these digi brushes!!
Sharryn :)

Anonymous said...

It is great that you still have a few friends from when your children were babies. I have kept in touch with 2 others when our babies were 6 weeks and we had a playgroup. Our babies are now 13 years old. We have a girls night out once every 2 months. We all have gone different paths and our children are not best friends but still talk to one another. Keep this friendship because it wonderful to talk to someone who is going through the same problems as you are.
take care