Sunday, August 13, 2006


We've had a very quiet weekend. Cathy came over last night and we watched Poseidon. SPOILER (but really it won't be a surprise...) Hmmmm, typical distaster movie where a small group of people get killed off one by one. No surprises there. The bit where Kurt Russell died was so bad it was laughable! I didn't know what he was doing - apparently he was drowning! Stupid movie. But I even enjoy the stupid ones. It's very rare for me to watch a movie and regret the experience.
I watched "The Others" with Nicole Kidman on friday night. It was the midday movie that I taped and watched alone at night, when Dave was out. Maybe not the best move... I was a little spooked afterwards. But in the end I talked myself into thinking it was OK. If you think about it it really wasn't "scarey" as such. The death books were a bit creepy tho. I know death books were REALLY made in the late 1800s too!

On a lighter note :) here's a layout about 8 month old me. You can't really tell in this image, but my eyes look really blue in the photo, which surprised me cos now they're green.


Felicity said...

Thanks for that about the movie. Matt wanted to see it but i hated the preview where the ship rolls over (it gave me the creeps!), so i'll tell him its a stupid movie.
CONGRATULATIONS about the NZ mag... thats AWESOME!!! You are soooooo talented! :-)

Moira said...

You're a scrap machine Yvette! Gorgeous work. Oh yeah and CONGRATS!!! on the Up to Scrap acceptance!!!
Hey I watched The Others on Friday as well ... what's the death book thing? I don't remember that. x

Sharryn T said...

I love this's just gorgeous.
I can't wait to see Poseidon..LOL I loved the old version with Shelley Winters but I'm not sure if it's a different movie altogether this time around.
Congrats on your acceptance with Up to Scrap. How did you submit to that mag?
On my blog you asked how I got to see sus Masters entries..she uploaded hers the same time as Janelle and I..her nick is Toby. Go have a look..they are fabbo entries.
Have a great day.
Sharryn :)

Alanna said...

Oh what a little cutie! Love it! I have been wanting to see Poseidon..."the others" with Nicole was so trippy when I first watched it, did you like it?

Alanna :)

Anonymous said...

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