Saturday, August 12, 2006


I got my first acceptance in the New Zealand scrapbooking magazine Up2Scrap Woohoo! I was so excited! It's one of my favourite layouts too - a photos of Tassy and I taken at Floriade last year. I don't know anything about this magazine so I'm keen to see a copy.

I went to the Craft Fair yesterday. Felicity came with us and her husband Matt picked her up after about 1½ hours, then they headed to the snow with a group of friends. Tassy and I stayed for another 3 hours! Considering how LONG we were there for, Tassy was very good. We went to four scrapbooking sessions at The Studio - 3 of Fiona Carter's and one of Rachel Axton's. I didn't buy a lot, I resisted temptation :) I just got some BG swirly rub-ons and some Deluxe Designs chipboard swirls. Oh, and 300m of double sided tape!! Tassy loved the button shops. She was allowed to choose one to buy so she chose a cute little golliwog (not sure what the politically correct name for them is now!) and she also bought some individual matboard letters. She chose T for Tassy, M for Mummy, D for Daddy and F for Felicity. Isn't she sweet :)

I saw my lunchpail at the Scrap The Lot stand, so I'm going to share some of it now. Here's the front and 3 of the 28 layouts. The layouts were so quick to do cos I limited the supplies I could use and I stitched on every layout - that's something I really LOVE! Oh - and the edge of that Y monogram has been stuck down permanently now!


Joc said...

Hi Yvette, the lunch pail is gorgeous. I hope you didnt think I was a stalker or anything on Friday, but I have never run into another blogger in the real world like that, so I couldnt help but say something to you lol. Glad you enjoyed the craft fair, I had a great time too. So much gorgeous stuff to spend money on...

Joc :-))

Jolene Pienaar said...

wow Yvette you have done an amazing job with your lunchpail!!

Just love what you did with the brushes and the outside of the box looks gorgeous too!

Moira said...

These look gorgeous! I can't wait to see it IRL. Fantastic job.

Alanna said...

Oh beautiful!!

Alanna :)