Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I kept forgetting to take a photo of our landscaping, now that we've planted almost everything. So I took a few today. Really - the plants are so little you can hardly see them here, so the photo doesn't look much different to last time! I have hundreds of bulbs popping up. I SO love bulbs. I planted them all late so none are flowering yet. I'm also going to plant a few trees, but I haven't gotten around to buying them yet. The landscaping bug has worn off a bit too. I think I OD'd. I'll wait for it to kick in again before doing the trees I think. Yes it does look very brown. Come on plants - GROW! I'm really happy with our design tho. I love the big sweeping path.

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Mardi said...

Ohh..Yvette..this is going to look absolutley stunning...have you gone for a cottage type garden or structured and manicured?
It will be so great to look back on this photo in a years time...you wont be able to beleive the difference.