Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Today's layout

I went thru a rough period when I was preparing for my HSC trials, way back in 1990. My sister Alicia was a good support for me, and I even slept on her bedroom floor for a while cos I couldn't handle sleeping alone in my room. So that's what the journalling's all about. This photo came from a photo shoot for my Photography course the year earlier (yes I only just realised as I'm typing this that it was from a different year... ah doesn't matter). I took a roll of film of my sisters and I (well my dad took some - like this one!) and I developed the film and photos. You're likely to see more a few more layouts using photos from this shoot, since I've now scanned them all! I loved my photography class. Especially since the boy I liked was in my class and we got to spend time in the dark room together! Anyway, back to the layout... These chipboard swirls are one of the only things I bought at the Craft Fair on the weekend. I covered them in patterned paper and I love them! I thought the layout was pretty boring until I added them. I hope you like!Re my last post about landscaping, Mardi asked what style we're going for with plants. Well it's a bit of a mix. We're having a box hedge (when it grows up!), structured plants like cabbage trees and other cordylines, and I'll be buying some trees including silver birch and mop tops. I guess it's a fairly modern design.

Oh! I'm excited cos we're going to Port Macquarie for a friend's wedding next month and I booked our accommodation today. The place we're staying looks so nice. Check it out. Northpoint Apartments We missed out on ocean views. My parents are coming with us and they'll look after Tassy while we're at the reception. It's a long way for us all to go for just 2 nights. Pity Dave couldn't get more time off work. But it will be really fun. I'm excited that my parents are coming too!


Mardi said...

The layout is just gorgeous Yvette...I love the fact you have journalled a tough time in your life....and it sounds as though you have a fantastic sister.

Thanks for the description of your garden...its sounds as though it will be beautiful and very fitting with your home. I love the silver birch tree's..they are my absolute favourite...and they look great planted in groups of 3 or so..all very close together too.

I can imagine how exciting it will be for you to get away next month... how cool.

Take care

Sharryn T said...

I just love your latest LO's gorgeous. The pic matches the journalling so well.
Your garden looks like it's coming along..well slowly..but it will get there in time.
Lucky you having a break soon...I'm sure you'll have a ball.
Sharryn :)