Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tassy and Bella in Wonderland

This layout is about Dave's graduation last week. I know it's not a very exciting layout or great photo, but the journalling is what's important. I didn't get any good photos on the day. We got some professional ones taken (which weren't fantastic) but we won't get them back for a few weeks and I was so keen to scrapbook the event! - oops not sure how this link happened but I can't make it unhappen!Today we went to Belconnen Theatre (with our good friends Lea, Bella and Ollie) to see a children's production of Alice in Wonderland. I guess I didn't really remember the story very well - it's a bit strange! But the production was good, costumes were great, it was a little theatre so we could easily see the stage. Tassy and Bella really enjoyed it, but both played up a little. Tassy threw a tantrum once. Let me just say it's really hard to discipline a defiant child in a small theatre! Ollie, who is only ten months old, was the best behaved - he was quiet with his big eyes glued to the stage the entire time. We saw the play advertised at the end of the news last week. Tassy was beside herself with excitement when the kids dressed as playing cards came onto the stage. She was so excited she could barely speak but finally came out with these words "Those are the characters that I saw on TV!!!".

Oh - and no fishy fatalities for almost 48 hours! We have named the fish we have left. So they'd better not die or now it will be personal!

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