Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A fishy update

We're down to 5 neons from an original 10. We still have both catfish and both platies, or is it platys? I mistakenly called them guppies in a previous post. They look just like the guppies! And we've lost both the silver sharks. If one more fish dies then that means we've lost half our fish! There doesn't seem to have been any fatalities in the last 24 hours. Hopefully that's it!

We had a home day today. I love those :) What did we get up to? Well Tassy did some painting and playdoughing. We reorganised her craft cupboard. I managed to get two layouts done too! I'll post them here tomorrow. We took a walk to IGA to buy some bread. Luckly it's only about 300m away cos it was freezing! I walked really fast and Tassy practically ran the whole way! She said "can I ask for a lollipop when we get there?". A few weeks ago a girl working there gave Tassy a lollipop, which was nice, but I don't want Tassy to expect one every time we go!

I've started on our tax returns... I hate doing them. I never have confidence that I'm doing it right. I'm so paranoid. Dave and I will go thru them together soon. That gives me a little more confidence!


Moira said...

Gotta love tax returns! Sounds like a lovely relaxing day.

Felicity said...

I hope no more of your fishies die. I'd love Mattie to set up his big fish tank. They are so relaxing to watch. I remember there was nothing on TV one night in Brodie St so Alicia, Charlotte and i sat around watching the fish in charlotte's little tank!! It was very interesting! :-) (Mmmmm, we sound very nerdy when i tell that story out loud.....)