Monday, August 11, 2014

Blog Hopping With a Difference

My dear friend Mardi Winen invited me to join the crafty little Blog Hop that's making the rounds in the blogging world.  Mardi and I have been friends (thanks to the internet!) for a long time now, working on some Design Teams together, exchanging emails and keeping up with each other via blogs and Instagram.  We met in real life a few years ago on a retreat and she was just a warm and beautiful and real as I thought - a beautiful soul.

So this Blog Hop is about crafting.  Actually, the posts I've seen so far have been about scrapbooking but I'm going with a different theme.  Dressmaking. :)

I bought this collection of new and vintage zips at the op shop for $3.

What am I working on right now?
Right now I'm between projects but I have lots of fabric washed and ready to sew into dresses or skirts.  Some are summer fabrics so I'll leave those for a bit later.  I aim to use my heavier fabrics first so I can get some wear out of them this year.

This is an older pic..

How long does it take to create a project?
When I make a skirt or a dress I try to get the whole thing done in a day.  But it doesn't always work out that way.  Sometimes I give myself a head start by cutting the fabric the day before.  And sometimes I don't get to do the finishing touches until another day.  But my aim is to get it done in a day, so I choose a day when I don't have much else planned.  

I cut this dress out the day before I planned on sewing it.  I used vintage sheeting as lining - it's pretty and it's cheap!

What are my fave things I love to create with at the moment?
I'm finding skirts to be pretty quick and easy. When I make skirts I usually don't use a pattern.  I have a purchased skirt in a style I like, so I lay that on my fabric and use it as a guide for cutting out a curved waistband, then I usually try to fit as much fabric into the skirt as I can, so that it's as full as possible.  I always use patterns for dresses, but I often alter the design, or use a combination of two patterns - like the bodice from one with the skirt from another.

How does my creative process work?
When I shop for fabric I don't usually search for something specific, I just buy what appeals to me.  When I see something I like it usually seems pretty obvious to me whether it would work best as a skirt or a dress. I loved this cherry fabric and because it's thin I thought it would work best as a dress.  Because I'm so fair, prints on a white background don't flatter me, so I chose a plain red to use as a trim.  Defining the skirt hem, neckline and armholes in a darker fabric should be more flattering on me. 

How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
Mostly the internet!  I love so much clothing on Modcloth, and I follow some gorgeous stylish girls on Instagram.  Pinterest too!  Fabrics really inspire me.

What is my signature style? 
I'm not sure what you'd name my style, but I like bright colours, retro styles, and fit and flare dresses. These are the dresses I made in 2013 (these are all one pattern design which I altered).
So I'm going to pass the baton to my family bloggers - they should be uploading their blog posts next Monday.

Janice Kingman
The one who taught me how to make stuff, beginning with padded picture frames and fimo jewellery in the eighties.  She's always busy knitting, crocheting and stitching - clothes (including lots of bridesmaids dresses for her girls), cushions, purses and bags, and plenty more.  Twice a year she has a little garden party to sell her wares to her friends.  She's always got a million projects planned and has withdrawals if she hasn't been into the sewing room for a few days.  My mother.

Charlotte Lam
The one who introduced me to scrapbooking - I love to scrapbook with her (but it only happens once every few years).  She's also passionate about Project Life, is the card making queen and makes the sweetest baby toys.  She's so resilient (she lives with a house full of in-laws) and I'm excited seeing how she's decorating her boys' bedroom, since they no longer have all four of their little family in the one bedroom!  My baby sister.  



Lea said...

I loved reading this post about you. You are very clever making things without patterns. I do love all the prints you sew with but I can't get my head around how to cut them so I can match patterns at the seams. It just seems too hard so I go with an easy floral mostly. I just realised how much I missed your blog. I think you better start blogging more regularly so I don't miss you so much. Oh the irony, I know! X

Mardi said...

My beautiful sweet friend Yvette... so awesome to read such a lovely post about what you are up too...and to see so much of your dressmaking in one place too. You AMAZE me with your sewing... how you can whip up such beautiful outfits in an afternoon...without a pattern??? crazy!!
What a wonderful friendship we have had over the years.. so lucky to have you in my life..

Mardi xx

Charlotte said...

I love your post!! I love hearing about your creative process with dressmaking, cos I think you are amazing to not work from a proper pattern! They always turn out so fantastically & I love your fabric choice. Thank you for the nice words you said about me too ;) so sweet!

Granny Janny said...

Fantastic blog post. I love all your lovely photos of the beautiful colourful things you have made. You have such an eye for colour and pattern. Your clothes are so exciting in today's world of black and red!! I love seeing what you are wearing and what accesories you put with them.
I love your style. I am so thrilled that you have discovered it and can relish in it.
Love Mum

Freelance Jobs From Home said...

Great awesome sewing designs you made lady..... Simply Amazing..... Thank you to share with us.