Friday, August 01, 2014

School holidays

Long time, no blog! 

I've been hearing the whip crack, so I thought I'd give an update on what we got up to in the school holidays.  I love school holidays!  They usually seem to go so quickly, but this time they seemed to slow down a little, so I felt like we got to enjoy it more! 

Tassy had wanted to do some crafting, so we did a bit of fimo modelling, glass painting and scrapbooking.  (I now realise that I didn't photograph Tassy's glass painting or fimo LOL.  The scrapbooking is hers tho!)

 I dragged Tassy along to Jazzercise each day, much to her chagrin.  So I took her to the shops after each class for a bit of a treat.  One day we went to San Churro (oh my goodness - LOVE!), then we saw Maleficent at the movies, which we also loved!  Here she has a hot chocolate we were sharing at San Churro - I won't make that mistake again.  We shared evenly, but half a hot chocolate is not enough!  By the way, she mustn't have hated coming to Jazz too much, because last weekend she ASKED if she could come with me - she wanted to do an hour of "nothing" (she drew pictures the whole time).

And we tried a few new recipes.  I'd always wanted to make honeycomb.  It was fun and easy and turned out pretty well, except next time I won't cook it as long as the recipe says...

A year or two ago mum gave my sisters and I a copy of the Women's Weekly Little Squares and Slices cookbook.  She loved it when she bought herself a copy, especially loving the styling.  She found out later that her friend's daughter was the stylist!  And she'd used a lot of her mother's and grandmother's tableware.  which made mum love the cookbook even more!  It is a beautiful book and I am working my way through the recipes.  This time we made raspberry chocolate brownies and boy they were so good.  I do love a good brownie, but with the addition of tart raspberries - wow!

Tassy also had a sleepover for a friend's birthday, which was aaaaalmost a 24 hour sleepover!  Although, of course, not a lot of sleep was had.  I think they got about 5 hours sleep and surprising Tassy wasn't obnoxious the following day.  Maybe she can handle it better as she gets older.  They went ice skating too - it was 24 hours of party!  It was really nice for Tassy's parents too, who tried a new restaurant and enjoyed some quality time.  Oh, two new restaurants actually, cos we went out for dinner then lunch the following day!


Mardi said...

Its so lovely to read what you have been up too... you frequent the most amazing eateries.. and are always embracing a new endeavor.. its a joy to read..
Mardi x

Granny Janny said...

So glad you are enjoying the cookbook.
I agree with Mardi, you do go to such interesting eateries. I guess Canberra has so much on offer. Our Balgowmie Village has a new Cafe to add to our re-vamped two Italian Restaurants and soon to open NEW pattiserie Nourished at Bally. Can't wait to try it out.

Anonymous said...

I send you fb note in your other inbox