Thursday, January 09, 2014

Merimbula Aquarium

I held back my photos from Merimbula Aquarium cos I know I overdosed you on our holiday photos. :)  Plus the aquarium was awesome enough to deserve a post all of its own.

If you ever go there I recommend going at feeding time.  The guide we had was fantastic and told us so many interesting things about the sea creatures we saw.  The tour/feeding went for an hour.

I am totally creeped out by octopus.  They are fascinating, but they just creep me out.  This one could open a jar to get his dinner.  Very impressive.  And so creepy.

These are cuttlefish.  They are the weirdest looking creatures!  I only knew them by their remains on the beach which birds like to grind their beaks on.  I had no idea what they actually looked like in life.  They are related to octopus and are very intelligent.  And they can change colour!

These are cuttlefish eggs!  Also creepy, but fascinating.

This is a Sea Pen. Weird hey!


Here's the cuttlefish again, showing off its changing colours.

This was an amazing wall of crayfish shells all from the same crayfish.

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