Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Say hello to dress number six using the pattern I bought after Christmas!  Even tho it's sleeveless this one is definitely a winter dress for me.  I'm too pale to show my skin against that much black!  Plus it's my winter length, which means it's shorter cos I can wear it with black tights lol.

This dress cost me about $5 (!!!!!!!) to make!  The fabric was on clearance at $3m and the lining was bought at a second hand shop in a pack of several fabrics for a few dollars.  I did have to pay full price for the zip tho!  About $2.

Dress - made by me
Cardi - SES
Belt - Asos
Necklace - crocheted by me
Boots - Dianna Ferrari


Lisa B said...

That pattern has been priceless you have made so much from it. Love this one styled with the tights and bright pop of yellow! You should start making and selling!!

Anonymous said...

So cute - I love all the cool stuff you have been making for yourself!

Brenda said...

Love this outfit and all the really beautiful outfits you've been making.