Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A new bed for Tassy

Tassy's current bed is the old cast iron bed I slept in until I left home at 19.  I loved my bed so much that even tho I was so tall that my feet stuck out thru the foot of the bed, I wouldn't have thought of giving it up. 

I've always wanted to get Tassy a King Single when she outgrows her bed and recently I've been thinking of getting her an antique cast iron bed.  Dave mentioned to his parents that we were looking for one, and they said they had one in their garage that was king single width, and we could possibly get the side rails lengthened. 

So they put the bed together and I went straight over to check it out.

The decorative side pieces can come off, and they make it just a bit too narrow for a king single mattress, so we won't use those bits.  

When my mother in law told me about the painted flowers she said we could have them painted over if we didn't like them.  I thought we'd probably keep them, but when I saw them I decided to paint them over.  They're not so well painted.

I think I'd prefer the brass to be powder coated too.

I love the old jigsaw puzzle joins.  It also has a recently made base which is fantastic, and won't need to be altered if we lengthen the bed.

We want to paint it a bright colour, but there aren't heaps of powder coat colours to choose from.  I would love aqua, but that's not an option.  Maybe yellow or mid blue like these ones.  What do you think?


Charlotte said...

Oh I LOVE the yellow! Especially with that dark wall. It would go well with her pink walls too, so bright and cheery! I'm amazed that they just had it in their garage! Where did they get it?

Lisa B said...

Wow what a gorgeous bed! I love the yellow too, especially for a girl. You could always paint her Initial in the space where the flowers are or even a nice bedtime quote or both. cant wait to see it finished.

Zara said...

Love the shape and style.
I'd go with the yellow. would look lovely paired with a bright patchwork quilt. x

Granny Janny said...

The bed is beautiful. Good that the sides can be left off to fit the mattress on. A great base too. Yellow would b bright and cheery and would go with other colours if Tassy decides on a different colour for her walls. Don't grannies and grandpas have interesting things in their sheds. I would love to have 'open sheds' week!! Love Mum

Vanessa said...

This is cool!

Dante Storey said...

What a gorgeous bed indeed! I'm sure Tassy would love the new bed! What about the mattress, by the way? Go for something that's firm and comfy at the same time. Affordable, yet of high quality. Undisturbed sleep is important, especially for growing kids, so I hope you take these things into consideration when buying one. Good luck!
Dante @ The Healthy Bed Store