Thursday, February 28, 2013

Canberra Show

We have an exchange student from China staying with us for seven weeks.  Tassy's school has accepted 22 exchange students and 2 teachers, and the children are so young - 11 turning 12, but they are all so big!  They look like high school kids!  We took Angel to the Canberra Show on her first weekend.  They don't have anything like it in Beijing so I tried to describe it as a carnival with animals and rides.

We started with the animals.  We walked into the shed containing the winning alpaca wool in each classification, and Angel really baulked at the smell!  Then we checked out the alpacas and sheep.  She wasn't keen on getting too close but I made her touch a sheep that had been shorn to see how soft and warm it was.

There was a display of old style show/carnival bits and pieces.

We loved the enormous bulls.

The farmyard nursery was my favourite.

Hello beautiful.

We tried to get Angel to hold a duckling but she was terrified.  At the last minute when we were squashed up together for the photo I tried again and she said OK she would hold it.  But she chickened out when I tried to give it to her.

Angel said she liked rabbits.  She was afraid of all the animals but I convinced her to touch a rabbit. 

I love the milk shed.  We saw how they milk the cow mechanically, then separate the skim milk from the cream, make butter by shaking cream in a jar, and make cheese.

 I got to help shear a sheep! 

Then all the kids had an opportunity to do the same

The dodgem cars were a big hit, and the Hello Kitty showbags too!


Granny Janny said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time. So educational for Angel. Fancy being terrified of the animals. I guess for the bulls and cows she would never have realised how big they can be.
Of course Hello Kitty would be a big hit.
Love Mum

Lea said...

Excellent post. Love the photo of you and Dave in the cut outs. So you. Loads of great pics from the day and all telling the story too. Do you remember the pic of Bella and Ollie holding the ducklings?