Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Want to see another dress I made? I loved this yellow and grey fabric. I used the same pattern as my previous dress but I changed it up a bit. I added the grey band for some contrast and pleated the skirt instead of gathering. The pleating was actually much easier and I think it's a more flattering shape too! The band caused a bit of trouble cos it made the bodice a bit too long and it didn't really sit right. I ended up shortening the shoulder straps and making the band narrower and it now passes for OK.

This one cost more than my first dress cos the fabric was full price. It cost me about $25.
Fabric: $22
Zip: $2
Pattern: well it cost $6 but I'm dividing by the number of dresses I plan on making, so that's $1.
Lining: I used some poplin I bought when Tassy was a baby!

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Pierre Fontaine
Cardi: Handed down from Dave's sister to Tassy (thanks for the loan Tassy)
Sunnies: gift from Tassy


Lis said...

I am loving all the dresses your making (seeing them on IG) it is so hard at the moment to get a dress long enough(im tall like you) that it actually covers everything.
The style is awesome, very flattering and the fabrics you have picked out are beautiful, very talented lady xx

Lea said...

Love the band..breaks it up nicely.

Granny Janny said...

You are so inspiring with your dress making. I love that you've found a pattern you love and that fits and just expand on the design factor. I really want to get back into dress making, because then you get what you want.
Love Mum

Trudy said...

You're a whizz at the machine. I wish I could get my head around a dress pattern!!