Monday, January 21, 2013

My Blythes

Hello, this is Tasmyn! I have decided to do a blog about my Blythes! I don't know how often I will post, and I am not very good at remembering these sorts of things (sorry!). This post is about one of the rooms in the Blythe house. This room belongs to Minty (whose name is actually Mint but everyone calls her Minty) and Candy, who are actually my two Blythes wearing wigs, although, my models for the room are my actual non-wig-wearing Blythes, Mist and Scarlet. You can tell which one is which because their names match their hair colour! (What? It's a good way to name them if you have absolutely no idea what to call them!).

Here is their room. It's very cute if I do say so myself!

This is Candy's side of the room, 'The pink side'. The pink on the floor is from mini party lights given to me by my friend Bella.

And Minty's side, 'The blue side'.

One of my favourite things in their room is this adorable little 'park bench' that I bought on our way to visit our lovely friends in Wagga.

I am also quite proud of this little chandelier I made out of beads and (would you believe) a strange piece of Lego packaging!

They like to have their toys nice and tidy in these drawers...

or next to them...

... but they always leave their shoes lying around! (WHY WHY WHY?????).

Here is Scarlet all ready for bed in her nightie (with a slight case of bed hair).

While her YOUNGER sister is still wide awake and looking ready to go to another party.

Hang on, is it actually that late? Better check on their clock that broke off my necklace! What???? Is that the time already? Mist! You're late for that party!

Well it seems that I have to go too! See you soon, from Tasmyn.
P.S- what is YOUR favourite thing in their room?


sky-blu-pink said...

Hey Tasmyn! Great post, your Blythes look fun. Love the chandelier; looks like you have inherited your mother's creativity.

Lea said...

Wow I think the park bench you bought on the way to visiting your lovely friends was a real bargain. Looks like the perfect size for your Blythes too. I do not have any advice about the shoes laying around. My eldest child does that too. It's so annoying!

Granny Janny said...

Love you Blog post Tassy. You photos are terrific. I love the very creative chandelier and the clock was a fantastic idea - re- purposing!! Did mummy make the crochet floor rug?
Love Granny