Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Nursery - photragraphy workshop

I did Photography at school, using SLR cameras and developing our own films and photos. I loved it. I KIND of understood about aperture and shutter speed and ISO, but even back then I couldn’t quite transfer the theory to my camera. Twenty years later, nothing had changed. I was shooting in Manual mode but just playing around with settings, not knowing what I was doing. When Lea asked if I was interested in going to one of Tim Coulson’s photography workshops I thought I’d trust her judgement and sign up. I’m so glad I did! It was fantastic. Why did the technical stuff seem so difficult? When Tim explained it, it was so simple! Now I get it! And now I'm excited to practice more! Tim's enthusiasm and passion are so inspiring.

Here are some of my favourite pics of the day. They’re not all my BEST pics, but I think they capture the day.
And what a truly lovely group of ladies to share the day with.


Julia Kuku Couture said...

These area lovely Yvette. I especially like the one in front of the graffiti. How clever were you guys to think to do that xx

Anonymous said...

Photography is in the blood from Phil Ward, Grandpa, your Dad etc. I am sooo glad you pursued the skills because you are a natural. Well done and happier snapping. Off the Hong Kong this morning.
love u aaj

Granny Janny said...

So glad you got all the techno stuff sorted after 20 years. I must say you've been doing a great job with your photography during those 20 years so now? Wow we'll be looking forward to some more great shots.
Yes it's in the blood. Wasn't it Grandpa who sparked the enthusiasm with that sunrise over the pond with the reflections.
Love Mum

Trudy said...

Hi Yvette : -)
Lovely to meet you at The Nursery. Happy shooting!!