Monday, December 03, 2012


My parents have plenty of beautiful birds visit their backyard. I took this photo a few weeks ago of Tassy and her little cousins all set up to birdwatch. I love how enthralled they are.

I'm going to follow Charlotte's lead and list some fun things on this page.

San Pellegrino drink wrapper (all the way from NZ - yes I know you can get them here. Dave was appalled that I brought the empty bottle back with me LOL)
Little Red Riding Hood label from a little LRRH purse mum gave me
Row of leftover Xs in the top corner
Sweet stickers from Lea
The word BIRD fashioned from a b and other miscellaneous letters (that's my specialty!)

These photos have been rolling around my with scrapbooking supplies (can photos roll?) for years now. They were taken by Bubby's wedding photographer, when Tassy was flowergirl for Bubby (Dave's sister). What a little sweetie she was. She was only 2½yo.

Fun things on this page...
Oh nothing too exciting really. Some interesting textures - fabric, velvet, flocking, glitter
Recycled flowers from a birthday card

Do you scrapbook? Are you a retired scrapbooker? There seem to be a lot of retirees around these days.


Charlotte said...

I LOVE your pages! Are you doing sideways A4 now? How do they fit in your album?
Yay for FUN STUFF! LOL! I love the drink wrapper and LRRH tag, yay for recycling!
And you TOTALLY are the QUEEN of making letters from other letters. I'm happy to be your apprentice!

Lea said...

Lovely lovely!yes I am a retired scrapbooker. I am just dabbling in too many things journal long has a big appeal so my supplies may come in handy yet.

Anonymous said...

I am a scrapbooker on long service leave. :)

Moi x

Mardi said...

LOL Moi.....thats so funny....and perhaps thats what Ive been....however I bought some new supplies and Im keen as mustard to come out of retirement.
Yvette I love that you have continued to scrap such lovely moments....and I can always bet on getting a burst of inspiration when I visit.
LOVE the family photo from your weekend together too. ow special.
Mardi x