Thursday, November 15, 2012


I had a scrapbooking page published recently! It's been about 2½ years since I had anything published. I haven't submitted anything for years but I was tickled that Carol-lea Morgan asked me to participate in her sketch challenge again, in Scrapbook Creations magazine. I love interpreting sketches. It's a pretty easy challenge, especially since you can choose any theme you like! I like that. :) Have you seen the magazine? I have no idea what issue my page is in! I would like to have bought it but I think it's probably been and gone.

Anyways... when Carol-lea asked me to create a page my sister Alicia had just had some BEAUTIFUL family photos taken by her colleague who is starting a photography business and wanted to add some casual family photos to her portfolio. The photos were awesome!

I've also created two pages recently for Kim's Jingle Bells workshop. If you want to see the whole thing you'll need to book into the class! But here's a peek at my pages.


Anonymous said...

The issue that ur published in of scrapbook creations is number 95. (Vol 11 no. 3) maybe u can get a back issue from them!

Charlotte said...

Gorgeous page!! Looks so different to your normal style, but I like it too! Did you spritz the page? I love that it's white BG paper, but still patterned. Cool!