Saturday, November 17, 2012

A weekend with my family

A few weeks ago Tassy and I went to Mum and Dad's for the weekend for Mum's annual craft sale. Mum has been having her annual sale for over 20 years! We had such a lovely weekend. Mum always makes such beautiful things. Charlotte and I also contribute some things and this year even Tassy did too. We all make some yummy things for afternoon tea and it's a really lovely afternoon.

The children had a picnic lunch while we were setting up for the sale. Tassy did a great job of supervising and entertaining them. Boy she was such an awesome helper with them.

Tassy made some bunting announcing the sale.

Some of Mum's lovely things.

The cashiers.

Afternoon tea.

Tea and coffee ladies.

Garden party.

Bird watching.

Chilling out after a big day.

Lovely family photo!

In the morning Tassy fed the king parrots for like an hour! She had a ball. I love them too.

She was desperate for a swim but I didn't even think about bringing her swimmers cos it was cool, but it did warm up a bit so I let her swim in her jarmies.

Before we left we went to the beach for fish and chips. Tassy delighted in dancing in the waves.

What a lovely weekend with the family. :)


sky-blu-pink said...

A lovely family time! Looks like the craft sale was a great success, well done to all of you!

Brenda said...

Your time with your family and your mom's craft sale all look so fun and enjoyable.

Charlotte said...

Yay for you making it to the sale this year!! Tassy was a FANTASTIC babysitter! Great work Tassy! I didn't have to worry about Jaimeson cos she was around :)
I am always so proud of Mum and how successful her sale is!

Lea said...

What a nice pst. Looks like a perfect weekend with your fam.