Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wellington NZ - Day 3

Day three was Saturday which meant the underground markets were on! First we went to breakfast at Gotham, right under our apartment. It was art deco style - very cool. But we didn't see Batman once! I had French toast brioche with banana, bacon and maple syrup. The picture doesn't do it justice at all!

I took this pic of the library pillars on the way to the markets. This building was across the road from our apartment. Cool pillars hey! They're pretty proud of their tree ferns in NZ!

This is a sweet little cove in the harbour. There was a rowing shed in the cove and we saw rowers and foot powered paddle boats. It would have been lovely to hire a little boat if the weather was warmer!

I loved this footbridge over to the wharf. It had so many interesting little bits and pieces.

Fancy a helicopter ride over the harbour? That would have been cool!

And we're at the markets! I loved the stuff at the markets! They were all locally made handmade goodies. I bought a few things - these gorgeous buttons, some teeny tiny polymer clay miniatures, a beautiful necklace which I haven't photographed yet. We all bought something at a gorgeous fabric store.

Charlotte was pretty happy with her new "yay" badge!

After the markets we took a ferry on the harbour. I was keen to see the harbour, and the mountains around it that go all the way down to the sea. It took a bit over an hour - going to Matiu/Somes Island and then Days Bay on the other side of the harbour. It was SOOOO windy! We went upstairs to take photos and see the views but didn't last long before retreating back to the protection of the enclosed downstairs!

So it was time for a late lunch. We went to Chicago on Queens Wharf and chose their enormous platter with BBQ ribs, chicken wings, S&P calamari, prawn twisters, curly fries, garlic bread and teeny tiny lamb burgers.

Gorgeous old phone booth...

We went to a gorgeous old department store called Kirkcaldie & Stains. They had an awesome Christmas section where we spent a long time and I think we all bought something!

Early evening we caught the cable car up to Carters Observatory & Planetarium. I LOVED the cable car. It was so steep and I loved how the car itself had everything on a steep angle.

We arrived with plenty of time to spare for the planetarium show we'd booked in for so we checked out the interactive displays which were pretty cool.

Then we took over a little theatre which was showing two films. We watched them both at least once and sat and laid around and some of us even had a little snooze. Then it was time to head into the planetarium. It was a great show! Excellent quality graphics. We watched a feature on the weather on different planets in the solar system. As I was watching I was thinking "Mum would be hating this!". Yep, she hated it! LOL. But it's OK, I told her it's just Science Fiction.

(not my pic...)


Lea said...

oh the picture of the banana made me belly laugh. The picture never does it justice. I often take pics of food but rarely blog them cos they just never look as good! Sounds like a great time was had by all.

Granny Janny said...

Yep I hated the weather show!!!
Love Mum

Charlotte said...

Yep, I was chuffed with my YAY badge! LOL!!
Science fiction is sure was!