Friday, October 26, 2012

Wellington NZ - Day 2

We woke up to a wet morning but the sun soon dried out the rain.

We slowly headed out to breakfast, taking a trolley bus which run on electric cables rather than petrol. It's just like a normal bus apart from the things sticking out the top which run along the cables. I love the ferns on the seats. We saw fern prints on so many things in Wellington.

Charlotte loved Sweet Mothers when she was in Wellington a few months before so we went there for our first breakfast. I had Huevos Rancheros which I'd heard of but never had. Oh boy, I was so full! But I do love Mexican food! The little crocodile sculpture is how our bill came.

We wrote some postcards and posted them early, hoping that they would beat us home. I've been home for two days and mine still hasn't arrived!

Their post boxes are a bit different to ours! I almost put my rubbish in there.

We headed to Newtown then Cuba Street for some shopping. In a vintage store I bought my second pair of shoes in as many days. At this rate I'll come home with half a dozen pairs! My new shoes are Dolce & Gabbana, second hand but in mint condition. Apparently worth $600 new and I got them for $139. They are way cool!

We had lunch in a beautiful cafe, whose menu wasn't as exciting as its decor. But I was still full from breakfast so my tummy was happy with a Portuguese custard tart. Hey, it looks a bit like a little quiche. We'll call it lunch.

An interesting water feature which wet all the passers by...

I'm trying to remember what we did that afternoon. I have no photos to jog my memory but I think we just did more shopping and then went back to the apartment.

We headed to Queens Wharf for dinner. Yes we did lots of walking. We also did lots of eating so walking was necessary!

On the way we noticed lots of garbage bags on the footpath. The businesses leave them out every night for collection. Interesting...

There are some more lovely old stone buildings at the wharf and some interesting sculptures...

We had tapas at Foxglove. It was a great atmosphere, and lovely to be on the wharf.

We walked thru this sweet children's playground on the way back to the apartment. I loved the lighthouse. Charlotte went for a slide. :)


Charlotte said...

Damn that slide was fast too! No wonder it had so many "skid marks" where you dig your boot heels in to slow down! I reckon I would have shot right off the end if I didn't do that!
I loved the Tapas at Foxglove. The cheese balls with honey dressing were my fave. YUM!
I love the pics of us walking! It looks like we're striding it out too, we must have been hungry! LOL!

Abbey R said...

These holiday posts are great, very tempted to sneak off to one of the cafe's in town after seeing the shots of all that food, yum!!