Wednesday, August 08, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

It must be time for another What I Wore Wednesday post. It's been a few weeks.

I bought this snuggly vest in Target about 5 years ago for something ridiculous like $10. It's so snuggly!

Vest - Target
Top - Temt
Jeans - Ally Fashion
Boots - Diana Ferrari
Fox Necklace - Mikaela Handmade

I've had a few comments on my necklace. "I like your necklace - I like cats" and "I like your necklace but I don't like cats". It's a FOX people!


Brenda said...

Love your vest and the fox necklace. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE checking out your WWW posts. They are so inspirational. I am going to get AUD to photograph me in my favourite combinations and post them behind my bedroom door, so I can remind myself of what is in my crammed wardrobe. I find when I do have time to rummage thru the crammedness I find things I forgot I had. Thanks again for WWW....AAJ

Charlotte said...

Well obviously those people are stupid. Can I say that? Sorry if I offend anyone! Clearly it's a fox!
You look so snuggly and warm, love the boots and the vest too. The necklace is my fave.

Granny Janny said...

So lovely to see WIWW back in again. Love your vest. So glad I bought Tassy's to match. Love your fox necklace. Yvette, half the people commenting on your necklace probably wouldn't know what a fox looks like. We watch Country House Rescue on TV and Ruth Watson, the presenter, has AMAZING necklaces. It's her 'thing'.
Love Mum