Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Winter Jarmies

Tassy has outgrown all her winter jarmies so I've made her a few new pairs. I made these pants from a vintage sheet whose pattern I love. I would have made it into a dress for myself except the fabric quality is not great. I think they make gorgeous jarmie pants tho. Teamed with a $4 top from Big W. Her pants always turn into ankle freezers in no time so I gave these a big hem. I didn't have a pattern for the pants, I just used her old jarmie pants as a guide.

I also made her some jarmie pants from some flannelette I bought to make cot sheets before she was born! LOL. When she moved into a cot I already had enough cot sheets so didn't end up making them. Ten years later they were put to good use! "My face isn't in this photo, right?"


Zara said...

Great work Yvette. Jarmie pants are a great way to use up some of the stash.

Anonymous said...

Good one!
Moi x

Charlotte said...

Hahaha! The reemergence of The Prawn!
That's a great use of the sheets!! I really want Mum to make me a dress from one of my collection!

kim said...

you are so clever!!! They look great.