Friday, July 06, 2012

Crochet bracelets

I was after a new crochet project so settled on the one via this pin for a crochet bracelet. I ended up changing it up so I'll write some basic instructions for my version below.

Remember I'm still a beginner, LOL. Excuses, excuses...

Please forgive my very unprofessional instructions. I hope they make sense. I want to record them so I'll know how to make these again. Please feel free give me any tips on my instructions! (FYI I'm using the US terms, not UK terms)

Stitch a chain long enough to tightly go around your wrist (I expect you'll be like me and end up with it stretching as you continue, but I could be wrong!).
Chain 2,double crochet in each stitch back to the end. Do a few more double crochet in the last stitch to bring you around to the other side of the chain.
Double crochet all the way to the other end and do a few double crochet to bring you around to the first side. Slip stitch in first stitch(are you laughing at my instructions?).

OK, time to scallop.
Chain 2. Skip a stitch, 4 double crochet, skip a stitch then slip stitch. Repeat this till you get to the end then slip stitch around the curve until you get to the other side.
You want the scallops to be in the same place on both sides so work out which stitch to start from, then chain 2. Skip a stitch, 4 double crochet, skip a stitch then slip stitch. Repeat to the end.

The blue bracelet was my first attempt. It was WAY too long because I didn't expect my chain stitch to stretch as I stitched. I had to overlap quite a bit and then used a button as per the link above. I didn't need to undo the button to put on the bracelet tho so with my second bracelet I decided to just stitch the ends together and go without a button. Also, see how the blue bracelet doesn't sit flat like the orange one does? That's because I did 5 double crochet for the scallops - I changed it to 4 double crochet for the second bracelet.

If you do happen to make one of these please let me know. I'd be thrilled to see it!


Lis said...

I love it!! Your instructions are easy to follow and im still a beginner too!!

Charlotte said...

U really are an innovator! How many new crocheters write instructions?!
I love it! It's a cool accessory!

Whimsy and Juno said...

These look awesome! It's so hard to write crochet instructions, you've done a great job! :)
xoxo Lauren

Granny Janny said...

Oh they're lovely Yvette. I love the crochet hook holder too!!
Love Mum

Lea said...

You are getting so clever with your crochet.

kim said...

You are so clever!!!