Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Only a few weeks until I click over 52 WIWW posts and then I think I will call it quits. I have enjoyed the year of WIWWs but my photographer is completely over it. Thanks for taking these photos Tassy. :D

She likes to keep snapping once I've called cut. I tell ya, it's one extreme or the other.

Pink top - Portmans (hand me down from Alicia)
Fawn top - Temt
Skirt - Target
Leggings - some random cheap shop
Socks - Jay Jays
Boots - Diana Ferrari
Hair - headband curls (love them!)


Janelle Wind said...

Oh please tell Tassy how much we love seeing her photos of you. Please share a what I wore Wednesday post every now and then if you can. I love your style and you always look so beautiful!! xx

Kim Archer said...

Wow - 52 posts of what you wore - that is total commitment! And yeah, Capri's the same..she keeps snapping away AFTER I have said to stop..LOL

Well done Tassy for taking so many pics!!!

Anonymous said...

I love what you are wearing!! the colours are great!!, Tassy won't know what to do with herself on Wednesday's now, ha, ha. Great Job Tassy!!! xxx Kerrie xxx

Charlotte said...

Wow! Almost a year of WIWW! Wow! Great work!
Love your boots, they are a gorgeous colour!

Anonymous said...

I love your lacy socks peeping out over your boots. And I also like the skirt.
I love your feminine style.
Love Mum