Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mini albums for the trip of a lifetime

My parents, Auntie Julie and Uncle Daryl got back from their Alaskan holiday last weekend. Auntie Julie had asked if I'd make her a mini album of their trip as I'd done for mum and dad when they went to Europe a few years ago. I had made the album while they were away using photos they'd emailed us and posted it to them while they were on their way home so that it was waiting for them when they arrived home. I was keen to do an album of this trip for each couple cos it was such a long awaited trip for them (althought D&J had been before) and so special because they were there for Auntie Dot's 100th birthday (she moved there with her Alaskan husband after WW2).

While I was op shopping with Charlotte I found two gorgeous vintage books with red fabric hardcovers and one was called Under Northern Lights. Mum and Dad had only just emailed me a pic of the Northern Lights that very morning which they'd got up to see in the wee hours of the morning (like 2am or something crazy). Wow, what are the odds! So I bought the two vintage books, ripped out about half the pages and got busy! I admit it did take ages to sort out photos to print, several trips to get them printed and then put together the mini albums. But I had so much fun with it.

Below are all the pages from mum and dad's album. D&J's album is very similar - I didn't have any of their photos so I just used most of the ones mum and dad had sent me.


Laura Jane said...

LOVELY job! You are the brave one ripping up a book...I just can't seem to DO that yet! no matter how bad the story line! LOL
You have created a TREASURE.

Anonymous said...

Yes I love my Treasure book and it was so wonderful to have an album to show people as soon as I got home. With around 4000 photos it will be a little while before we get our photo books done and printed.
Love Mum

Lea said...

Amazing! You are so clever and thoughtful too. I bet they were very well received.
PS I LOVE what you did with your bday necklace and I agree it will e fun to keep changing it up. Leax

Charlotte said...

I saw Mum & Dad's book in the flesh on the weekend, and it was AWESOME!! You are so ├╝ber talented! I love all the different elements to it, punched edges, cool washi tape & journalling spots ready for Mum to fill in! It is a real work of art! I'm sure AJ loved hers just as much! They are gorgeous :) Great work!!