Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ice Skating

Tassy has chosen a trip to the snow for her birthday activity this year! We will do that in a month or so when the snow season is in full swing, but we still wanted to do something special on her birthday. Did you know we all have the day off when we have a birthday? She chose skating for at least the third year in a row. We had the rink all to ourselves. :)

Here are some photos taken by mum, dad and me. I tell ya, it's impossible to get a good photo in there!


Anonymous said...

I think the photos are great considering how badly the rink was lit.
Oh I feel so sad that Tassy has said no grandparents at her future parties. It's not that we play the games any more.
Love Mum

Charlotte said...

I see Mum and Dad enjoyed skating. LOL!
It's a great pic of you and Tassy posing together! The lighting is really nice!
It's ok Mum, we'll just keep producing Grandkids so you've got more parties to go to. It must be Alicia's turn next! LOL!

Bee Lady said...

Well I tried to leave a comment and my computer hung up so I'm not sure it went through. I found your blog through a mass e-mail from Kim Archer, Etc. magazine. I love the map/pendant idea. I've seen it before but never thought of actually making one until now. I just returned from Italy and I think it would be a lovely gift for my MOm & Sister for Christmas. I'll have to start now as my husband and I are building a house, so my time is limited. I love your blog...your craft ideas are wonderful.

Cindy Bee

Lea said...

Hi looks like Miss 10 had a nice day. I must get you to take bella next visit. She has never been. Me either. eeek. Maybe once as a child.
I also had a chuckle at the pic of your mum and dad. SO funny. Have a happy weekend. It's cold here. Bet you're cold too.