Monday, March 12, 2012

Last Friday night I was SO excited to finally see one of my most favourite bands... THE CLOUDS! Who, you ask? They were an Aussie indie band from the nineties. This is my favourite of their songs. I discovered them a bit late and never saw them perform live (Dave did tho). They reformed recently to do a few gigs and I tried to talk Dave into taking me to Sydney for a gig, but he didn't go for it. When I found out they were coming to Canberra for the Enlighten Festival there was no way I was going to miss them! Tassy came too cos it was a family friendly event.

Clare Bowditch performed first. I've never really been into her music but she was lovely.

Then the sun set and it was time for THE CLOUDS! Yippee! I had waited sooooo long to see them. And they were awesome. All three of us sang their songs at the top of our voices. :D

(Someone else's photo borrowed from Facebook)

Nice backdrop - or rather, sidedrop. Beautiful full moon.

Afterwards I got a photo with Jodi Phillis...

and got myself a souvenir teatowel. LOL. It has the names of all their songs and band members. Love it!


VintageBirdGirl said...

Love the Clouds. I saw them live in the early 90's. I still love the music from way back then!

Anonymous said...

So glad the weather was good for the concert. Looks like a lovely night. How exciting to get your photo taken with one of them.
Great photos.
Love Mum